Approximately in the mid 90s, PC ‘486 DX2 66Mhz’, Mr ’56k v90′ modem and I, formed a small Internet Radio station streaming obscure electronic music mostly from the world of Tracker Music creations.

Since 1991, a constant trickle of gems crossed my path through this Mod Tracker scene. At first, this was mostly done through snail-mail and using traditional Computer Magazines to connect with various Public Domain Groups. So when the beginning of the Internet was adequate enough to broadcast a little audio and afar, I already had by then a strong collection of music to cast out into the world.

And so, that was the beginning of ‘The Sound Joint‘. A bottomless pit of Lo-Fi sounding delights that somehow managed to stream live and through compression-algorithms of the telephone era! ☎️

The Sound Joint discontinued sometime in 2004. I had begun to focus my time on other music related projects.

2022. It came pretty much overnight and many things have since changed with online broadcasting capabilities. This and having some free time, has undoubtedly led to the station’s reincarnation and under a new alias ‘Mild Havok‘.

For now Mild Havok aims to continue where its predecessor left off but will eventually grow into a collection of programs through the following months including Mix-sets, Live sessions & Podcasts of exquisite music from some of the finest underground producers, artists, djs & labels in the business.